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Holley Ebony offers a Commercial Styling Service.  This involves one on one styling time with the lead star or actors in television, styling models for editorial print, or styling for Business Portraits. Holley considers the important message you want to convey and translates this message via wardrobe for the production.


Holley Ebony recently styled Dr Carl Bamlet, the star of The Modern Caveman television production.


"I would like to highly recommend Holley, as she was an immense help to when we filmed a documentary.  As a male, I really didn’t see the need for a personal stylist. I was afraid a person stylist would criticize everything in my wardrobe, she was very supportive and affirming. She gave us all more confidence, and helped take our production to the next level. After this experience I think everyone particularly men should consider hiring a person stylist"  -Michael Hempseed, Managing Director of the Employee Solution Service

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