Colombus & Ware Menswear for Sartorial Gents

In our modern world we have access to multiple platforms in which to do our shopping. We can see what others are wearing across the world in real time, due to the rise to fame of street bloggers and fashion masterminds such as The Sartorialist, who capture fashion as it is evolving around the globe. This inspires luxury fashion houses with their collections which is then replicated and trickles into our common high street stores. This being the case, New Zealand unfortunately seems to be a few steps behind our european counterparts when it comes to mens' fashion and 'Sartorial Style' - but we are not out of options men!

When I worked closely with Colombus & Ware Meanswear for The Modern Caveman TV series, I was delighted to become acquainted with a Menswear provider who have suave options for every price-point. Colombus & Ware boast brands such as Rembrandt (renowned for it's origins in bespoke tailoring since 1946) to 40 years old, award winning American brands such as Geoffrey Beene, offering stunning design synonymous with comfort and luxury.

The dapper Manager "Pete" in head to toe Rembrandt, at Colombus & Ware Menswear, Merivale Mall, 189 Papanui Road, Merivale.

If your looking for some seriously cutting edge gear, you want affordable style options and customer service unlike any other, Peter or (affectionately called "Pete") or his right hand "Tim" also a fantastic option, will be able to help you out. All of Colombus & Ware staff that I have encountered are amazing to deal with. Pete is a walking example of true style showcasing the latest of international trends.

Colombus & Ware Menswear stocks items from casual wear to formal wear, to take a man from Sunday time with the kids, to the office, to after work drinks. It also offers 'Suit Hire' for events and accessories in colour ways appealing to every discerning gentleman.

Showcasing a fine selection of ties for every formal occasion at Colombus & Ware.

Visit Colombus & Ware Menswear, up the ante with your style choices and prepare to be inspired! Holley Ebony Styling xx

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