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Manager Jacqui is a Repertoire qualified Fashion Stylist.    Columbo Street, shop 25A, The Columbo, Sydenham, Christchurch.

Many of Repertoire staff have formal styling training to enable them to provide a service to the customer like no other.  Therefore when you pay a visit, you can be completely confident you will be given objective advice from one who understands body science and how to enhance assets and how to conceal, to make you look your very best.   A trained Stylist will also take into account how your genetic makeup - hair, skin and eye colour, come into play when selecting the best colour cut and style to give you your Wow factor.  Repertoire is New Zealand made - Items are designed with New Zealand women and our bodies in mind.  Repertoire designers value the input from their shop floor staff who actually spend the time interacting with the customer understanding what we like and what we don't like - fantastic!

Repertoire has a relaxing space for your 'other half' or opinion-giver to rest, while you shop to your hearts content.

Repertoire has a new stock 'Story' every two weeks. Repertoire customers can expect to be tempted with exciting pieces available on an ongoing basis and the gold standard in customer service when selecting an outfit for every occasion. 

Repertoires Visual Merchandising Assistant was caught between the clothing rack and my camera!  She was none too amused.   Loving the unique touch of the lantern and accessories display.

I love that Repertoire stocks unique New Zealand made pieces that have an international flavour.  In Kiwi land we women we get tired of seeing the same layered 'looks' that are so practical for the kiwi lifestyle - Repertoire can offer style + function, the result is these beautiful quality pieces that are what we all want - something 'a little bit different'.

Pay Repertoire a visit.   Holley Ebony Styling xx

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