Styling your Event with the right palette of hues

Wearing the right colours that make us look our vibrant best, is a powerful tool that can contribute to our confidence and consequently our success. Colour combinations can add to the impact of an Event and the desired guest experience. In event planning, all colour elements should be chosen with care, styling your event with the right palette of hues.

Planning the look & feel, style and colour scheme for my wedding, was the greatest photoshoot preparation of my life! I had the assistance of the very talented Hayley & Co for Event Styling, Emma Newman Weddings for Event Planning, Florals by DK Floral Design and the extraordinary Grey Area Productions who captured the photography.

Carl and I having an awkward and coincidentally romantic moment amongst spiky twigs. Hanmer Springs, Dog Stream track, photographed by Grey Area Productions, proved to be the perfect spot for my dream shoot.

Traipsing through sharp prickly bracken for the coveted Vogue inspired fairy shot. Andrew from Grey Area Productions was reassuring us, this would be the 'only' sequence out of our comfort zone.. his creativity was encouraging despite any discomfort.

Finally, the money shot we were hoping to get. Just the right ambient lighting to make us look like we were in a dream sequence, love it.

Most of us are aware that colour can impact both our feelings and ambiance of a space. The colour Blue, gives the inviting feeling of calm, relaxation, tranquility and humility. Green, says we're in tune with nature, it signifies new beginnings, growth, productivity, a strong sense of unity, of community and achievement. Red signifies power, passionate love, high energy, intensity and a culmination of all fiery emotions. Peach and hues of pink; reveal new love, romance, fragility and warmth. If used in the right space, the occupants will experience the benefits of these colour associations.

I determined that I wanted the bridal party and guest experience to feel a mixture of all these feelings: light hearted, fun and my favourite word: whimsical. It had to be a relaxing enjoyable day that was a colour rich visual feast for the senses. Renowned children's author Enid Blyton of "The Folk of the Faraway Tree" series, wrote about a world where fantasy and reality combine. There are fairies and pixies, the world has soft lighting, icey pinks, blues, lemons and the twinkly sheen of fairy dust. This thought combined with Princess Marie Antoinettes supposed declaration of 'Let them eat cake' in the late 1700's prior to the French revolution, where the interior colour palette & fashions of the day were intense gold combined with pastel blues, lollie pinks, sherbet lilac and lime, creates that picture of light-heartedness, fun, magic and adventure. This style is also reminiscent of Fashion Stylist icon Grace Coddington of US Vogue, who is famous for her trademark look of dream-like majestic, fantasy inspired editorials: combining fragile haute couture juxtaposed against harsh elements: iridescent lighting where waif like models teeter on the edge of rough forrest brambles glammed up telling a fantastical story in all their heightened drama. These were the threads of inspiration for the look and feel of our special day.

The girls bouquets were a fusion of peaches, pinks, burgundy reds featuring soft columbian imported "Icecream Sunday" roses, sourced and styled by DK Floral Design.

Event and Table styling by Hayley & Co, Christchurch based Wedding & Event Styling Company. Loved their work with the abundance of roses at the one and only Select Braemar Lodge & Resort, about 20min drive from Hanmer Springs.

The guests were asked to please dress in pastel hues to help us create the soft visual look in our photographs. Our MC the talented Mr Stuart Tipple took the cake for most suitably attired Male with his elegant compilation and emphasis on small details with lilac shirt, powder blue pocket square, navy & gold accents.

The Cake by Just Desserts & Floral by DK Floral Designs.

We determined that my girls needed to showcase their unique assets and personalities; wearing varying styles of Vera Wang White Label (the lucky purchase from a stand alone Bridal shop in south eastern Minnesota) and they got to choose their own shoes, as I trusted their good taste! The unexpected combo of silver, gold and rose gold was risqué but it suited them perfectly in the end I thought.

Hanmer Springs has many picturesque spots for a discerning Bridal Party. The Jollies Pass cemetery was an eerily perfect location with much sentiment for us all.

The boys were debonair in their varying shades of grey with pops of ice pink, apricot, sherbet and peach.

I favoured the traditional oversized blooms, simply because I enjoy the dramatic whimsical style and talented Debbie Kinnaird of DK Floral Designs did my dream bouquet. Historically, large blooms were essential at weddings to detract from pesky body odour and fill the venue with a sweet smelling aroma. In my mind there is no such thing as too much of a good thing, such as an abundance of spectacular sweet smelling roses.

For inspiration for the colour palette and wardrobe styling for your next big event, you know who to contact. XX Holley Ebony

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