Silk Italia for the Belle of the Ball

Located at 383 Columbo Street Silk Italia's customers rave about the welcoming atmosphere and most of all, Silk Italia's customers are buzzing about the high quality gorgeousness, feast for the eyes on offer, that leaves one; a) excited to tell their friends and b) have their next visit.

Owner of Silk Italia, Madame Susha, Fashion Designer and luxury textile Importer, has almost 50 years in the fashion industry. Madame Susha has owned stores for almost 30 years... and being an innovative designer herself for just as long... she can help you choose styles that reflect your personality and embrace and enhance your wonderful curves. Madame wears Silk Velvet Jacket & Silk 1920-1930's Nightie Dress that has been hand dyed. Her Necklace is by Michael Negrin, and underskirt - vintage, found at the Shabby Chic Market.

Beautiful, exquisitely tailored wedding dresses from the 1950's and a selection of antique french lace silk lingerie - for those who appreciate fine under-pinnings, and value 'what lies beneath' can make or break an outfit.

Featuring luxury textiles of Silk, Linen and Cotton, labels from Europe & Australia.

Madame sells offcuts of one-of-a-kind beautifully finished fine lace and trims for all your creative pursuits!

Antique furnishings and vintage finds such as this trunk that beckons to the customer to 'rummage' through to see what rare precious findings are on offer!

Me, delighted with my "Made in Italia" 100%silk camisole-top. I actually purchased x2 from Silk Italia as at $69, I thought what an essential wardrobe staple and long may it live forever. Cut on the bias, and a flattering versatile length for curves, it would complement a few body-shapes and what a perfect layering piece as I have done here with my RLS Redesigned Boutique Jacket and Lust for Vintage Jewels accessories. I would also tuck it in with skirt, limitless options!

Trelise Cooper Jacket paired with vintage french silk slip with antique lace, just stunning! Madame Susha designs and has on display her embellished shabby chic silk florette brooches, she likes to use these to create asymmetry in garment hems, making for a unique and very individual flair!

If you haven't paid Silk Italia a visit, it's well worth making the time, you won't regret it!

x Holley Ebony

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