Styling Steve at Colombus & Ware

Check out a couple of Still's from our filmed session with Steve. He was after a pair of fitted jeans after experiencing a style crisis of not being able to find a quality pair to fit his athletic build, solid calves and quads while also fitting well around the waist. This new pair of jeans would have to showcase his brand new Air Nikes.

While we based our styling session around this specific brief, we also showed Steve a few style options built around the shoes as the feature statement. The one and only Men's premier fashion Boutique had to be Colombus & Ware Menswear Merivale or Rembrandt as it is now called!

Steve and Holley, entering Colombus & Ware Merivale Mall.

Straight into the fitting room, where up to x5 key outfits await Steve, built around key piece - Denim Jeans.

Selection of Shirts to try.... a mixture of local and european designers.

Floral fitted Astin, Steves number #1 contender..

Fits well in all the right places..

Shirt paired with LTB Denim Jean. This label is well known for their great fit on an athletic muscular build.

The Air Nike sneakers... Look great with the LTB red zip pocket detail.

This blue would look fantastic with Steve's colouring, a great layering piece under a jacket.

Loving this look.

Or a Gaudi Biker-style Jacket..

Looks awesome with a simple white T layered beneath... and again complements the white soles of the Air Nikes.

Showing Steve some other great looks around a crisp collared shirt.

Liking the look of this blazer..

Maximising the versatility of the jeans.. Dress em up with this lightweight blazer and linen shirt..

Some layering finesse... Nothing like a well chosen accessory to add some personality to your look.

Happy with the result, LTB Denim Jeans to complement the Air Nikes and a bonus few new outfit pieces to mix n match..

There you have it... A 1HR Enhance your Style Makeover With Holley Ebony! We listen to your unique situation and offer possible solutions, we have you in and out in a flash, equipped with multiple options to look your very best, any given time, any given occasion.

Hope you enjoyed the preview... Thanks to Steve for allowing us to capture his session and Colombus & Ware Menswear Merivale.

To see the full Video, click HERE


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