Bang Pow - transformative power!~

How many out there can relate to me when I say; having my first kid caused me to lose the Bang Pow in my step. It shook up my old identity and spat out this new foreign version of me; I mean, there is nothing on earth - more mind blowing, more super-phenomenally next-level powerful, than the experience of birthing a Baby, if you are lucky enough to have this privilege from out of a teeny tiny, exit door. It is no surprise that the woman's entire mind, body, spirit; her entire microbiome physiology needs to realign itself over a period of many days and many months. Consequently new Motherhood, aka a Woman's new self identity is akin to being reborn(metaphorically) like her babe, morphing into this detached vessel that needs to readjust itself. My body embraced its new role of 'milk truck' and 'choc milkshakes' were on tap to my new babe (Choc because, Mother udders choccie fix - is paramount to holding her new self together).

Part of why I appreciate the power in clothing and accessories to transform us outwardly - No matter how we feel inside, all those raging emotions, adjusting to the serious new business of 'Mumming' as a good friend called it.... A fabulous pair of Boots...that give a Bang Pow! Can make all the difference with transformative power!! Me pictured below at 38 weeks pregnant... I was all for an untraditional Preggy shoot with full coverage and lots of colour... in periods of bodily transition... it's all about the shoes!

If you can relate to me above and really need to get some Ommppphhhh!!! back into your step.... Check out these BANG POW Irregular Choice UK Boots... pretty much AS_NEW, in multi colour leather spangled glory - truely out-there, one of a kind - in SHOP Holley's Closet x

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