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As a nursing mum, nothing rocks more than a button down shirt for practicality and easy style. Worn casually or glammed up, they're a sassy trusted staple in every woman's wardrobe.

This Hot Pink Spotty Vintage classic cut Shirt, a 70s? genuine article in perfect condition, reminds me of a dearly loved hot pink and black polkadot outfit my mum painstakingly designed and sewed up for my 4th or 5th Birthday! Fond memories watching her as it came together little by little each night! Am I the only one that is drawn to colours and patterns that are an ode to warm fuzzy memories of childhood?

Here it is... I'm letting it go to a new loving home! Such a versatile cut to flatter many body shapes and so fun to style and layer up different ways. It would be so dashing on a very dark foxy brunette..

Hot Pink & Sheer Vintage Shirt Size 8-12

$68 with Free Shipping in New Zealand!

This CUE Beauty I am reluctant to part with... From a different time of my life where I did punishing diets to squeeze and jam myself into clothing that simply was not cut for my shape! It's divine and hardly worn and in the classic CUE Shirt trademark style with the exquisite tailoring detail! Very flattering if you are naturally petite. This will give you great shoulder definition, perfect for layering up! This would be amazing on those with golden locks and fiery red tones!

CUE Lush Green Tailored Shirt Size 8

$68 with Free Shipping in New Zealand!

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